capacity consulting

Capacity Consulting offers direct facilitation and one-on-one coaching for organizations and consultants to develop or deepen practices that nourish our pursuit of social change. 


An illustrative alternative to conventional Strategic Plans & Theories of Change 

○ Reveal intended change

○ Simplify complexity 

○ Analyze systemic factors

○ Align capacities and resources


A sensitized alternative to conventional Evaluation, Monitoring & Data Collection

○ Legitimize lived experience

○ Humanize the elevation of stories

○ Democratize meaning-making

○ Learn in relations of reciprocity


An emotive alternative to conventional Reporting Results & Data Findings

○ Invite the activation of change

○ Compel responsive dialogue

○ Draw out our 'love of humanity'

○ Uphold mutual accountability


⦿ Develop a story of hope, voice and/or action in a participatory, creative, and influential manner

⦿ Transform an existing plan into an illuminating story that guides, motivates, and inspires

⦿ Adapt the story methodologies to align with your organization and/or consulting practice


⦿ Incorporate dynamics that deepen nutritive interactions


Organizations reflect on creating their Story of Hope

“It’s important to look up first before focusing on challenges.” 

“Very useful to engage in a process that gives us space to learn from each other and build relationships.”

“Appreciate you holding the space and pushing us to think creatively.”

A community partner validates a Story of Hope

“We are the ones that generate positive narratives. It is good that [the Story] is hopeful, aligned to a language that is humanizing.” 

(Translated from Spanish.)

Community partners reflect on uplifting their Story of Voice

“Something about being part of this…makes you a better person, to grow as a leader.” 

“Leave with hope. Feeling that what I say will lead to actual change.” 

“Curative. Relaxing. I came stressed and now I am relaxed.”

(Translated from Spanish.)

"The rain falls like problems…[but] we have umbrellas." 

(Translated from Spanish.)

"Creative. I feel like a little girl again.” (Translated from Spanish.)

“One feels united…similar or worse problems.”

(Translated from Spanish.)

"The sun is going to rise." 

(Translated from Spanish.)

Community partners animate their Story of Action

“We conducted a Youth Justice March [to city council] advocate for positive youth investment (a major finding from the 77 Youth Voice participants). Before our march the city's “Recreation-Youth Prevention Budget 2015-16” was at 5%, after the march it went up."

“Permit me to solicit your support [to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors] of the project of this team of Bright Beginnings. I firmly believe in the importance of promoting this project of universal preschool. My three children are an example that preschool promotes a child’s development. It creates a love to grow, to read, to share, to form a strong relationship between parent and child, and to implement a learning culture."(Translated from a video testimony in Spanish.)

Story of Hope with youth leaders

Story of Hope workshop

Story of Voice with parent flower mapping